Name : Vincent Maduro

Nickname : Vinsky

Birthplace : Paris, France

DoB : March 4th, 1991

Youtuber, gamer, football influencer

After following a normal school path and obtaining a master of engineering, few people would have expected Vincent to make it this far in the football sphere.

Even though he did not have a professional career neither in football or gaming, Vincent, known now as Vinsky, launched his Youtube channel in 2011, mostly to talk about his FIFA tips and games and to create football challenges.


Thanks to a strong connexion with his community, he quickly gained followers and developed his activities on all platforms. He has now became one of the most influent in sports on social medias in France. 

He is now lucky enough to travel the world to meet with every football players, no matter the level - from Cristiano Ronaldo to young & rising players that he aims to help. 


Simultaneously, he created his own football club, Vinsky FC, with other FIFA players and also some of his followers. 

In June 2018, he launched his own retail brand, Peace & Game.



Vinsky on Youtube - At Cristiano Ronaldo's home

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