Clervie started playing tennis at the age of 3, as she was introduced to the sport by her dad, Aime, who is a tennis coach.

As she grew up in Maryland and practiced with her dad, Clervie’s talent and determination let everyone believe she has the potential to become a champion. As a result of her development and potential, Clervie was welcomed to The Champseed Foundation, following the steps of the best tennis players in the world.

Country : USA

DoB : July 19,2006

Track record

  • 2019 WTA Future Stars U14 winner

  • 2019 Les Petits As USA Playoffs winner

  • 2019 Tim Essonne tournament Semi-Finalist

  • 2018 U12 Orange Bowl Champion

  • 2018 USTA Clay Courts Winner

  • 2018 USTA Nationals Finalist

  • 2018 Eddie Herr U14 Finalist


"I discovered Clervie in 2017 during a week of testing that she did in order to be supported by my foundation. Beyond her natural qualities and the power of her playing, I was immediately impressed by her determination, her personality and her maturity. I am convinced she has everything it takes to reach the highest level. As of now, her results confirm my expectations."


 Tennis Coach, Mouratoglou Academy Founder

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