Clervie started playing tennis at the age of 3, as she was introduced to the sport by her dad, Aime, who is a tennis coach.

As she grew up in Maryland and practiced with her dad, Clervie’s talent and determination let everyone believe she has the potential to become a champion. As a result of her development and potential, Clervie was welcomed to The Champseed Foundation, following the steps of the best tennis players in the world.

Country : USA

DoB : July 19,2006

Track record

  • 2019 WTA Future Stars U14 winner

  • 2019 Les Petits As USA Playoffs winner

  • 2019 Tim Essonne tournament Semi-Finalist

  • 2018 U12 Orange Bowl Champion

  • 2018 USTA Clay Courts Winner

  • 2018 USTA Nationals Finalist

  • 2018 Eddie Herr U14 Finalist


"I discovered Clervie in 2017 during a week of testing that she did in order to be supported by my foundation. Beyond her natural qualities and the power of her playing, I was immediately impressed by her determination, her personality and her maturity. I am convinced she has everything it takes to reach the highest level. As of now, her results confirm my expectations."


 Tennis Coach, Mouratoglou Academy Founder

Winner of the 2019 WTA Future Stars in U14 

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